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Thanks for looking.  Although I had to change my broadcast name briefly when I worked at 700 WLW back in the 1980s, "Martini" is my actual name and I am related to the vast west-side Martini clan--my grandfather having broken off slightly to Bridgetown in the 1950s.


I began radio as a student in the mid-1980s and began my full time career in 1987 at WVXU (after having worked a few places part-time prior).  In 2005, WVXU was sold and several of us ended up at 89.3 WMKV where we have happily played old radio shows and the music of Sinatra, Bing, Fats Waller, Diana Krall and many others for over 15-years.  What a joy it has been!


 The not-for-profit Media Heritage was born from documentary and history projects at WVXU around 2000.  It has grown from an simple web-site to a full sized library, archive and museum where we preserve the stories, sounds and images of radio and television history.


Credit goes to Sue, my patient and understanding bride, and Gabe, Tony, Theo and Dom--all willing helpers and supporters of their dad's goofy ideas and projects.


Not much else to tell...I was an Adjunct at Xavier for seven years, have written articles on Carew Tower and a photo book on the first fifty years of Cincinnati Radio.  We live quietly on a farm in Indiana.  Pretty boring, really.


Someday, I'd like to turn this site into a sort of geneological site for both of my parent's families, but that's down the road.





Occasionally I'll jot down a few thoughts in a blog, but I'm not too active on other social media.

I am always looking for help gathering broadcast history. If you know of someone who worked in radio or television in "the old days" and think they would like to be interviewed, let me know! Also, I do presentations throughout the year for various community groups and schools in the Greater Cincinnati area...let me know if you need someone (see next pages.) Finally, I love to share what I've learned...if ever you have a question about broadcast history--and specifically that of Southwest Ohio--drop me a line. I may not know the answer but there's a good chance I know someone who will! EMAIL ME   or, if you want to try the old fashioned way:

Mike Martini
Media Heritage/VOA Museum
8070 Tylersville Road
West Chester, Ohio





Some photos of me through the years.