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How my kids picture me.

Welcome to the self-serving part of the web-site. 

I am a native of Cincinnati and grew up on the West Side, in Bridgetown. 

I became a radio announcer and producer because of many happy memories spent in the dramatic and music productions of my high school, LaSalle.  After cutting my radio teeth as a student announcer at Xavier University's WVXU and as an intern at WEBN, I managed to get my first professional gig in 1987 as a part-time announcer and newswriter at WRRM (Warm98) thanks to then-PD Tracy West.  Months later, I returned to WVXU as full-time local host of the NPR "Morning Edition" program, where I juggled as many as two radio broadcasts simultaneously along with many other program elements.  I kept my part-time job at Warm98, then worked as weekend newscaster "Mike Morgan" on 700WLW, and then, finally, ended up at WWEZ.  My part-time side jobs ended in 1990 when I married my wife, Sue.  

Meanwhile, I spent close to 19-years at WVXU--the first 11 of those as Morning Edition host.  After the birth of our youngest, Gabe, in 1995 and a subsequent move to Indiana, I decided the 3:30am alarm was too much and, thanks to WVXU "father" Dr. James C. King, I was given the opportunity to work regular hours and oversee the station's nostalgia programming and documentaries.  For this kindness I will be eternally grateful because it turned me into a broadcast historian.  WVXU and its six-station X-Star Network were unceremoniously sold by Xavier for $15,000,000 in 2005 and the majority of the staff were scattered to the radio winds.  I landed briefly at WSCH in Lawrenceburg, IN, before reuniting with several other former WVXU'ers at 89.3 WMKV-FM.  We're a small public radio station owned by Maple Knoll Retirement Communities and I am blessed for having such a great radio home and employer.  Somehow, I'm now in my 25th year of radio and still in love with the medium!


Along the way, I’ve done some other little things of interest…I was an adjunct professor at Xavier, teaching “Broadcast Writing” for seven years.  I love teaching.  I also have done my share of independent voice work for various companies (listed elsewhere on the web-site) and have written a few pieces, including a lengthy history of Cincinnati’s Carew Tower for Queen City Heritage journal.  A book of historic photographs: Cincinnati Radio (Arcadia Press, 2011) is available at

I also have a few awards to display:  a New York Festivals medal, Ohio SPJ “Best Documentary-2008” and Ohio SPJ “Best Radio Producer-Ohio” which I won in 2009, 2010 and 2011.   There’s also a Communicator Award 2010 and 2011 and a several other awards occupying shelves at home. 


In 2001, I co-founded and am president of Media Heritage, Inc.   It’s a not-for-profit archive of Cincinnati’s radio and television history—an avocation that takes up most of my personal time these days.  I’ve conducted over 200 oral history interviews, have made dozens of public appearances and speeches, and have taken up the responsibility of maintaining a history that not only paved the way for my quarter-century career but also needs to be learned by the broadcasters of today and tomorrow.  Oh, and I rescued a pipe organ, am building a museum and am trying to raise money for a variety of projects, so watch your wallet.

At home, Sue and I ride herd over four super boys!   We live on a farm in rural Southeastern Indiana (yes, I’m still a West-Sider) and enjoy our dogs, ponds, woods and a home-made wine making operation.


I always love to talk but am a scatter brain when it comes to returning email and voice mail promptly.  Thanks for reading.

Since there are a few Mike Martini's out there, I've taken the name of "radiocincy" for my blog and twitter:

The link to the blog:

I don't use twitter too much, but if you want, I'm "radiocincy" and I'm on facebook under my name.

I am always looking for help gathering broadcast history. If you know of someone who worked in radio or television in "the old days" and think they would like to be interviewed, let me know! Also, I do presentations throughout the year for various community groups and schools in the Greater Cincinnati area...let me know if you need someone (see next pages.) Finally, I love to share what I've learned...if ever you have a question about broadcast history--and specifically that of Southwest Ohio--drop me a line. I may not know the answer but there's a good chance I know someone who will! EMAIL ME   or, if you want to try the old fashioned way:

Mike Martini
Media Heritage/VOA Museum
8070 Tylersville Road
West Chester, Ohio

BY THE WAY...did I mention I still am available for voice work? If you need a decent "voice" for your commercial, corporate project or film narration please drop me a line. A sample voice CD is available! (see voice page for other samples)

I'm not expensive.


Some photos of me through the years.